Ten Questions with Artist Cam Murdoch

4 min readOct 18, 2022


I think the word “fangirling” is gender-neutral, so I can accurately say that Team Dequency fangirls over Cam Murdoch, a featured artist in the Dequency marketplace. We wanted to get to know Cam a little better, so we asked him 10 questions — from the silly to the serious. Read on to get to know this emerging artist.

Cam is outstanding in the field… of web3… get it?
  1. Your favorite reaction meme?

2. The artist you’ve had on repeat lately? — BXB Love is my most played artist this year. I’m a big fan, “Venus in Gemini” is definitely going into my karaoke setlist.

(he’s right — it’s a great song)

3. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?— “Be kind to yourself”. I’ve given myself this advice many times. I’ve received this advice from others many times. When I truly embody it, I feel a sense of detachment from results and expectations that allow me to just accept what is or what will be and focus on what I can control. It reminds me to do my best, but also that it’s okay to do absolutely nothing at all.

4. A book you’d recommend to everyone? — “Art & Fear”, it’s the most helpful and insightful book on artmarking that I’ve ever read. A lot of what we go through mentally as artists seems so unique to ourselves but much of it isn’t. This book allows me to get out of my artist’s brain and look at things objectively and gain a sense of understanding about what I’m feeling, particularly in times of doubt.

5. Something you wish you’d known about web3 earlier? — I wish I knew about the politics I was getting involved in. It was naive of me not to expect it. The web3 art scene has many of the same politics of the traditional art world, it’s just a different face enacting and upholding ways of thinking that they oftentimes don’t even realize they are enabling. On one hand, there are things I wouldn’t have said or done. On the other hand, I would’ve committed harder and taken a firmer stance on other things.

6. The dumbest/weirdest NFT you own? — I’d fallen victim to putting my ENS address in my twitter bio. So I have about 100 NFTs that I did not ask for and most of them look stupid. The dumbest thing I’d ever personally collected was an 0xApeMfer. One night, me and some friends noticed Jadyn Violet in a space surrounded by a bunch of ape pfp’s and we decided to go rescue him. What actually happened was us coming in and vibing then all buying a pfp, there were like 20 of us that joined in on it.

7. Biggest mistake you’ve made in business and/or in web3? — Not advocating for myself enough. It’s beautiful to live in gratitude, but oftentimes I’ve “let shit slide” or just taken what was offered. I’ve moved too long as someone that’s “just happy to be here” when deep down I know that the other party is lucky that I’m here. Knowing my worth and standing on that in the face of people that will claim you’re asking too much, being entitled, being selfish is something I need to overcome to get where I want to be in life.

I’ve moved too long as someone that’s “just happy to be here” when deep down I know that the other party is lucky that I’m here. -Cam

8. Sun/Moon/Rising? Aries, Taurus, Virgo

9. Where are you located & what’s the best meal in your city? I’m in Norfolk, VA. We have a great food scene, so the best meal changes from time to time, but over the past year I’ll say that the empanadas at Thank You Thank You Bar are elite. Not just for how delicious they are, but for how they play a part in our local nightlife. TYTY Bar is definitely THE spot in Norfolk where our art scene and nightlife collide. It’s where I go and know that I’m going to see all of the familiar faces on the scene. Even when there’s other moves going on, it’s pretty common for people to end their night with a quick run to Thank You to grab an empanada, or two.

10. Projects of yours we should know about? — “Surf Noir v1: Future Surf Love Sounds” of course. This is my latest body of work, an EP that I released over the Summer as the first entry into the Future Surf soundscape that I’m developing. However, if you’re a fan of mine and you haven’t listened to my debut album “Paisley”, then you’re missing out on my most diverse and personal work as Cam Murdoch, which I intend to bring to this November.

Make sure you’re following Cam on Twitter, Instagram, check out his tracks on Dequency (and grab a license to collaborate with him! we’re particularly fond of his track Catching Waves), and stream his music on spotify!

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