Dequency 101: Purchasing your first license!

The goal of Dequency is to make sync licensing easy, fast, and fun. We do that using blockchain tech, enabling safe and inexpensive peer-to-peer transactions. However, if you’re still new to the web3 world, you might find it helpful to have some support as you navigate the purchase of your first sync license. Never fear: Team Dequency is here to hold your hand as you follow the yellow brick road of this next-gen music world. Starting with account creation and ending in obtaining the actual PDF of your sync license, we’re with you every step of the way. Let’s get syncin’!


Before you can get into licensing the music that works for you, you’ll have to create an account. Creating an account is very easy: just fill out the information prompted in the account creation process and add your wallet address. If you need help creating your wallet, watch our tutorial on how to create and connect your wallet to Dequency here (link video on “here”). Note: much of it is optional, but if you proceed without adding it, you might be prompted for it if you transact using Dequency later.


We have over 200 artists with 1000+ songs to sift through! You can either search for a mood or genre, click on discover to see the latest tracks uploaded, or browse through out Dequency curated playlists to find the music that fits your project! If you ever need help finding a song that fits, feel free to reach out to us at for recommendations.


Once you’ve found the right song for you, you’ll now want to license the track. Simply click on “purchase license” then input your information in the prompted fields.

Then you’ll move onto “License Type” where you’ll be able to review the license and enter in the description of your project. Note: The more details you add, the more likely you are to be approved for requests on songs that require approval.

Lastly you’ll be prompted to connect your MyAlgo wallet to purchase your license. On this page you’ll be able to review the pricing before you connect your wallet & make your purchase. Once processed, you’ll be able to download your song & view your license!


Now that you’re all set with music to complete your project, feel free to show us what you’ve got! Tag us on all social channels so that we can see and support the project you’ve created with music from Dequency! Here are some project that have been created with music on Dequency:

We hope this tutorial helps to guide you through the process of purchasing your first license! If you find yourself stuck or have any questions please email us at!

  • Team Dequency



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