Dequency Marketplace Upgrades are HERE: Introducing V2!

3 min readApr 26


We’re making the Dequency platform better for artists and media buyers by incorporating the power of AI and the lessons from good ol’ fashioned user feedback. Read on to see what we cooked up for our latest release + preview what’s in our technical roadmap. Allez!

Wanted to share some exciting news: the new, improved, and undeniably fresh Dequency marketplace + web3 rights management portal is now live!

We’re grateful to v1 for its service 🫡, but as our roadmap grew more ambitious, we needed to do some ~remodeling~ to get our foundation up to par with our vision. V2 gives us that ability, and here’s how:

What’s New With V2

AI Tagging and Recommendations: We’ve incorporated AI auto tagging and recommendations, powered by our friends at Cyanite. Gone are the days of manually entering tags, genre, and track metadata, leaving categorization up to subjectivity. Now, our AI overlords are tapping into their infinite database to help us tag, sort, and filter — making the experience of finding the best track for your project even easier.

Bonus points if you know what song this is

Streamlined uploading process: It takes A LOT to upload an album, and we had feedback from artists that it was often too much. We saw that many artists never finished uploading albums due to the friction of that process — it often took the work of a community manager hand-holding, and even then, artists who were excited about the value proposition of our marketplace ended up falling out of the process because of all of the extra steps it took to get started.

The new v2 eliminates some of the confusion that commonly led to error messages and roadblocks, adding in helpful tips and general UX improvements to provide clarity during onboarding. We also make it easier for catalogs to upload in bulk vs. manually entering every track. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

Laying the groundwork for growth: What’s next for Dequency v2?

One of the best parts about this “marketplace upgrade” is really the ability to build even cooler features in the future. Consider this a total reworking of our original foundation; essentially making it steadier so we could build a “taller building”. Here’s what’s on the roadmap:

Modular marketplace: Improved composability means we can create white labeled marketplaces for enterprise use, breaking marketplaces down by distributor, platform, etc. Ultimately, this is a separate app that’s locked down with whatever parameters we determine, which is the type of thing we’ve been pitching to our enterprise pipeline.

Streamlined track processing: Essentially, we have a music and metadata processing pipeline. This enables us to implement creative, useful improvements like: building in auto-stemming, AI album art, etc…

Expanded transaction types: We can layer in as many different types of transactions as we want. We presently support Algo and Stripe (card payments), and now we’re able to add more types of payments across multiple digital currencies and beyond!

Enabling APIs and Data Partnerships: It’s now easier than ever for us to work with external partners and implement programs to connect with their catalogs/datasets etc. Imagine being able to license music from directly within your favorite game, streaming service, etc… sky’s the limit.

The Dequency marketplace was the first of its kind in the web3 space, and it paved the way for this even more ambitious web3 rights management portal; a marketplace that can bend to meet the needs of platforms, distributors, and projects everywhere. We can’t wait to build out these enterprise integrations and getting hooked up with platforms in need of great music.

-Team Dequency




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