Introducing Approval Rights on Dequency

You’re in control over where your music shows up.

What are approval rights?

Approval rights broadly = the right to approve (seems simple enough…). In the context of music licensing, this means licensors control how / when their music is licensed.This ensures that licensors are able to align their work with projects that reflect their values, preserving the image and brand that many musicians work tirelessly to cultivate.

In current licensing solutions…

The majority of online licensing solutions require licensors to pre-approve license uses, meaning musicians have no control of who can use their work, and for what project. This system is designed entirely around the customer (licensee) in the belief that the best system is that in which licensees purchase licenses with zero friction.

This makes sense in theory, but in practice these types of systems exclude established musicians and more sophisticated music rightsholders, as artist/rightsholder approvals are vital to the maintenance of an artist’s image and brand.

Musicians, especially those with larger fanbases, are very deliberate about the causes and projects with which they associate their music. For this reason, general purpose online licensing catalogs typically lack music from established talent and are relegated to less discerning artists/rightsholders.

For that reason, online

How do approval rights work on Dequency?

We want licensors to have as much control as possible — this creates a better licensing experience for both licensors and licensees (increased control attracts higher quality catalog = better licensing destination for licensees).

License Requests — now active on Dequency — allow licensors to view the intended use of a license before making an approval decision.

As a license seeker, you’ll be asked to provide more info on the intended use of the music.

As a licensor:

  1. Decide which tracks you want to require approvals for.
  2. Every time a licensee wants to purchase a license for that track, you will receive a summary of their intended use of the license, including detailed descriptions and any works in progress that might be included in the final project.
  3. See your license history and manage license requests from your user account.

Licensors can decide which songs require license approvals.

Dequency’s Greatest Hits, Track 8 is a BANGER

Power to Creators

By giving more control to music licensors, we believe Dequency can create a licensing environment that is more comfortable for musicians than current systems provide, meaning we’ll see more sophisticated rightsholders participating in this marketplace. That’s a win for everybody; licensors retain their rights, while licensees have a richer catalog of music to browse for their audiovisual project!

Approval rights is one of many artist-oriented features that are important to us — this was actually a feature request from our first cohort of artists, so we appreciate the feedback.

More to come soon!


Team Dequency



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