Ten Questions with Artist Andrew Dixon of SOUL PUSH

5 min readMar 2, 2023

Believe it or not, having a few bad habits isn’t always a bad thing… especially if you’re the master of turning your weaknesses into strengths. And that’s exactly what our guest for this edition of “10 Questions”, the one and only Andrew Dixon from Soul Push, has done. We talked how important it is to make fans feel a part of the creation process, thoughts on web3 (duh), and of course, his all-time favorite spot to grub in Vancouver, Canada. Get ready for an exciting read!

1. If you could have any superpower, but it had to be related to music, what would it be?

I would have the ability to instantly transport the musical information from my brain to other places. I could hear a song in my head, and instantly transport the information directly to the computer to create a completed song in seconds. Or, perhaps to sheet music so that an orchestra could play it…or even just to transport the music from my brain to your brain so that you can hear my ideas in real time. I would write hundreds of songs in a matter of days.

2. What is the most personal or meaningful song or piece you have created, and why does it hold such significance to you?

I think on behalf of Soul Push I am going to have to say “Sleep” (This answer is going to shock the other guys…). Though this song isn’t necessarily where we find ourselves today in terms of inspiration and overall sound, it really served a purpose in our lives. It represents a time where we knew little about music, the business of music, and where it would take us. In fact, it was one of the first times we discovered Spotify…we downloaded the app and it had 1 million streams! It was a product of us having fun and trying new things, and it just so happened to find a lot of success all on its own. To me it represents us in complete innocence and that’s kind of special.

3. What new web3 tools are you experimenting with and what do you enjoy most about it?

We have found an interest in NFTs and the power that they have in allowing people to dictate for themselves what type of value they want to create. I think it brings a lot more control back to artists to experiment and get creative with how they’d like to create a personal experience for their fans to show love and support.

4. How do you see web3 technologies shaping the future of music industry?

I hope it is a complete disruption. Just like what Dequency is doing, I hope that web3 brings more power and control back into the hands of artists and collaborators in other media, and drops the gates that stand between musicians and success in these cross-pollinating industries. The music industry is such a difficult one to navigate and a lot of that is due to not knowing the right people or person at the right time. I see web3 making more people successful from their actual music, cultivating a really tight following, and allowing them to create value where they want it to be.

5. Where are you located & what’s the best meal in your city?

I’m currently in Vancouver, Canada. Currently my favorite meal in the city is the Tom Yum Soup at Song. Best Thai food in the city hands down.

6. What book are you reading currently?

I’m currently reading the 7 habits of highly effective people because the holidays are still taking a toll on me (haha…)

7. In your opinion, what’s the best way to roll out a song or album?

The best way in my opinion is a lot of teasing. If you could record your entire creation process behind the scenes and post snippets of you making them before you drop the song or album, then that is the coolest thing ever for me as a music fan. Tame Impala did this in such creative ways before their Currents album, with short videos of Kevin Parker recording instruments with the rough demo playing in the background overlooking the ocean. It made me feel like I was in the room while they were being recorded, but kept me strung along enough to want to hear the final product. I think anything you can do to make your fans feel like they’re part of the creation process is going to be impactful because of the connection it creates between them and the music…

…and here’s the obvious 2023 answer that no one wants to hear…post on TikTok as many times as you can every day and hope that your song will blow up :)

8. What’s the craziest or most unexpected thing that’s inspired a song?

Our song Body Is A Temple was inspired by us drinking too much and not eating well while we were living in the UK. Even bad habits can write great songs!

9. What advice would you give someone entering into web3?

Do your research, and educate your fans / friends / family. I think the more we are all on the same page with these opportunities, the more we can all benefit from them. I find a lot of the potential in web3 comes from the opportunity for positive change that it presents, but a lot of people are resistant to it and dismiss it before truly understanding how it can help them directly.

I find a lot of the potential in web3 comes from the opportunity for positive change that it presents, but a lot of people are resistant to it and dismiss it before truly understanding how it can help them directly.

10. Projects of yours we should know about?

Soul Push had a busy year in 2022, releasing a fresh set of bangers along with music videos that we created, directed, and produced all on our own. Our Make Me Do EP is some of the most catchy music we’ve released to date. Also, Conan (our frontman) is releasing new music next month under his solo project “Con The Artist” which is something you’ll definitely want to be keeping your eyes and ears on.