Ten Questions with Artist Chíc Bangs

From musical superpowers to how skateboarding inspired a love song, we had the distinct pleasure of chatting with multi-talented and hyperliterate artist Chíc Bangs. Read on for her best SLC food recs, advice for aritsts new to web3, and cop her genesis drop on Sound.xyz today!

  1. If you could have any superpower, but it had to be related to music, what would it be? The ability to play all instruments at once. Can you imagine playing drums, keys, bass, guitar and some brass all while singing? That’d be wild.
  2. What is the most personal or meaningful song or piece you have created, and why does it hold such significance to you? Going Down Fast (co-written & co-produced with Custom Model) is a song about those moments in life when we are really feeling the squeeze. It was written at a time when life felt challenging and clear focus was required to pull through. My favorite line from the song is “I see my future now and you know this star ain’t fallin’. ”
  3. What new web3 tools are you experimenting with and what do you enjoy most about it? I’ve experimented with 1/1’s and open editions, which have very different vibes and I’m enjoying the distribution choices we have as artists. I’ve performed in the metaverse a few times and I enjoy how it’s weird and fun. I love that it can be a global performance from anywhere. It really can be a great source of connection. I’m excited to explore sync opportunities with Dequency and start placing more music on the platform!
  4. How do you see web3 technologies shaping the future of music industry? I see greater possibility for authentic expression by artists, which will shift the industry as a whole into one that is fluid. I like to think we are leaving behind binary norms (like genres) and having to fit in an algo.
  5. Where are you located & what’s the best meal in your city? Salt Lake City. We have an incredible food scene here with an abundance of local and diverse restaurants. The best meal is hard to choose, but some of my fave spots are Zest Kitchen & Bar, Mazza, Kyoto, Tradition, Hub & Spoke Diner and Red Iguana.
  6. What book are you reading currently? Yearbook by Seth Rogen, Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Thinking In Sync by Amanda Krieg Thomas and next up: This Is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds.
  7. In your opinion, what’s the best way to roll out a song or album? I love all kinds of rollouts and think they can be as unique as the artist. I like the mystery & suspense building drops with hints, the stealth drop, the video teasers… I think they all have their own kind of magic.
  8. What’s the craziest or most unexpected thing that’s inspired a song? Skateboarding on bumpy asphalt and feeling tingly legs that inspired a love song. Lol.
  9. What advice would you give someone entering into web3? Take the time to learn about blockchain technology and decentralization. That way you have your own understanding of the power and capability that web3 holds. Identify why it’s important for you to utilize web3 tools and move with intention. Find communities you align with where you can learn, grow, give & receive support. When it comes to your own projects and working in web3, FOCUS and do what feels best for you.
  10. Projects of yours we should know about? My Genesis drop on Sound.xyz is coming February 6th and will feature a single off my debut solo album coming this year!



Music for the metaverse

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