Ten Questions with Artist Jamee Cornelia

3 min readFeb 23, 2023

The word of the day is… auditory telekinesis! In this edition of “Ten Questions,” we delve into the world of the talented Jamee Cornelia to learn how the song “Hashtag” inspired a movement, how they turned pandemic weight gain into a song, and how they’re experimenting with web3 tech to foster a stronger communal economy. Plus, if you’re in the ATL area, don’t miss this food rec…

  1. If you could have any superpower, but it had to be related to music, what would it be?
    Auditory Telekinesis so I could just send producers exactly how I hear the song
  2. What is the most personal or meaningful song or piece you have created, and why does it hold such significance to you?
    I think my song “Hashtag” is a song I have a deep attachment to ESPECIALLY when performing it because I feel like it turned into an underground underdog theme song. I can really feel the energy of like affirmation rage if that makes sense
  3. What new web3 tools are you experimenting with and what do you enjoy most about it?
    I think experimenting with distribution and collaboration is the biggest advantage in web3 right now I’ve been experimenting with ways to foster a stronger communal economy and ways to improve collaboration and interactive experiences. I also love experimenting with different blockchains for accessibility and ease of building and experimenting
  4. How do you see web3 technologies shaping the future of music industry?
    Mainly experimental distribution and interactive release. The decentralized culture of Web3 can foster in a new renaissance of independence and artistic freedom too. Like you can really do whatever you want however you want through blockchain tech. Understanding how to build in this space on a tech , defi , and the over all community of insanely passionate artists really helps your mind push its limits creatively which I think will change the music industry. Like creative freedom fr
  5. Where are you located & what’s the best meal in your city?
    Atlanta and I can’t speak for everybody but the Tilapia and Wings Combo at JJs is a classic meal to me.
  6. What book are you reading currently?
    I haven’t been reading to be honest but I’ve been doing a lot of deep diving into Tim Benson, cubism, and surrealism. I’m also binging Malcom in the Middle right now.
  7. In your opinion, what’s the best way to roll out a song or album?
    There is no best. There are only different directions.
  8. What’s the craziest or most unexpected thing that’s inspired a song?
    Gaining Weight during the pandemic lol it inspired my song Husky
  9. What advice would you give someone entering into web3?
    Learn while understanding no one is an expert. Try anything while understanding you don’t have to do everything. Be you because fr no one else can do you like you.
  10. Projects of yours we should know about?

DROPOUT PFP FEB 20! All caps because I’m fr fr like dead ass.