Ten Questions with Artist Mad Keys

You’d think 10 questions isn’t enough to get to know someone, but these artists tend to get pretty deep. From the music they’ve had on repeat to the best advice they’ve ever received, you’re bound to take away something valuable from each of these artists. Today Madkeys shares something he wish he’d known about web3 sooner and his fav spots to eat in DC!

Musical artist or pose model for landscape art? You decide.

Your favorite reaction meme?

This took me out lmaoooo:

The artist you’ve had on repeat lately?

I’ve had a few projects on repeat lately!

  • DOMi & JD Beck’s Not Tight album
  • Anderson .Paak’s, Knxwledge’s, and H.E.R.’s Where I Go record.
  • Quiet on Set by MAVI
  • 605 by Maxo

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

  • The best advice I received was actually very recently from my aunt. She’s a writer & author and one thing she said was that before she writes, she has to be in position to receive that initial inspiration. Lately, I’ve been very hyper-fixated on just “doing”, so much so, that I haven’t positioned myself to receive inspiration or ideas — thus leading me to force music that isn’t there. While it’s advice that I’m certainly still processing, I’m moving forward with setting time aside that allows for inspiration to flow better by getting back into journaling and listening to more music.

A book you’d recommend to everyone?

  • The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest — This book is literally for everyone; whether you’re an artist or someone who supports artists, this book has helped me identify certain patterns, behaviors, and habits that lead to self-sabotage and how to course correct them.

Something you wish you’d known about web3 earlier?

  • I wish I knew how multi-faceted Web3 is. When I first entered the space earlier this year in 2022, I was only processing it from a standpoint of dropping music like in Web2. When I look at how platforms like Dequency, Zora, Sound, and Catalog have adapted over the course of a few months, I’m beginning to realize how powerful, and different, these tools are in relation to what’s possible in Web2. To be transparent, I’ve actually been away from Web3 for a few months due to so many opportunities and projects that have been happening in Web2. However, I’ve been able to hop onto a few spaces every now and then and check out new music, tools, and art when I’m able.

The dumbest/weirdest NFT you own?

  • ****I gotta go with these BS NFTs that I randomly get airdropped from time to time lol! I think most of them have gotten removed since then, but I remember getting excited because I thought I got airdropped a random CryptoPunk and thought I had hit a come-up. Turns out, it was definitely a fake!

Biggest mistake you’ve made in business and/or in web3?

  • I’ve made a ton of mistakes, but the one thing that I’m actively improving upon that has affected my music, my collaborations, my relationships, and beyond, is prioritizing myself. For the longest, I’ve put other’s needs before mine. While it may sound “selfless”, I’ve learned that it can be quite damaging to my mental health. This can look like a number of things — taking on more projects than I’m able to at the moment, saying “yes” to things that have little to no value to my goals, and even not speaking my truth for the sake of caring for emotions. While it may seem selfish, it’s actually self-preserving to say no and speak how I really feel. How can I be a valuable resource for others if I’m stretched thin working on any and everybody’s projects? I’m grateful for this realization because I’m already beginning to see the fruits of carrying this out. Shoutout to my therapist for helping me understand this!


  • I’m not too sure haha! All I know is that I’m a cancer.

Where are you located & what’s the best meal in your city?

  • Being based in the DC area, there’s too much food! If there’s a staple for me, I’ll have to go with Maketto on H Street! Their Lo Mein hits every time! If I’m in the mood for some Ethiopian food, I gotta hit up either Habesha Market, Makeda, or ZeMeda! If you go to Makeda, you gotta get the Veggie Combo with the Doro Tibs!

Projects of yours we should know about?

  • I have a record on my brother Stalley’s upcoming project titled “Somebody Up There Loves Me”. Our record is called “Fresh Linen” and it’s the last song on the album! Project drops on December 6: https://orcd.co/newstalley
  • I’m dropping a song titled “Something Different” with my brother Tamuz in January.
  • I just dropped a record with my homie Noxz titled “Sunny in Saint Lucia” — We’ll also be getting this record up on Dequency this month!: https://fanlink.to/sunnyinsaintlucia



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