Ten songs to license for $100 or less on Dequency right now

Looking for the perfect track to bring your piece of digital art to life? Want to license great music from real artists… but without a huge price tag? Look no further than these hand-selected tracks on the Dequency marketplace, all 100USD or less. Now, get syncin’.

  1. Kalon — Extenz

2. TK — Too Much

3. Wow Signal — Notice

4. Discotwentytwo — Aphrodite’s Servants

5. Subciety — High

6. Tulengua — Vibe2infinity

7. Townsvile — XOLO

8. WYMN — Catching Flies

9. Gunwa — Andromeda

10. Ay.wav — Brighton Sunset Vibes

Think we missed one? Hit us up on Twitter and tell us who should be included in the next roundup!



Music for the metaverse

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