The Roadshow Continues: Dequency Update 3/25

Like a “finfluencer” spins out twitter threads, Dequency continues the steady drumbeat of Friday newsletters (but hopefully less derivative and cringe). Subscribe (or just keep clickin’ the ol’ links from Twitter) to be the first to hear about product releases, the geographic whereabouts of team Dequency, and other important (and frivolous) updates. Ready? Lets’s go ✉👇🏼️

Have you heard the good word? (… of Dequency, this isn’t a Jesus thing)

I mean, I’m sure we’ll get some great gospel on the platform eventually, but today, this is about OUR proselytization: Dequency CEO Keatly spoke at Reach’s Austin, TX Summit last weekend, and shared a kind of “state of the state” of the music industry and how the evolution to blockchain is benefitting creators (video should start at 33:52).

Key takeaways? The opportunity for creators to make a living off of their work has been augmented by web3: from something as obvious as a visual artist selling NFTs, to more upstream factors such as the proliferation of metaverse content.

What’s next on our Dequency Road Show, you ask?

NFTLA (March 28–31): We’ll be hanging out in LA next week (we’re based here, so… the travel was favorable). Looking forward to connecting with friends while in

Bitcoin Miami (April 6–8): We’re partnering with Algorand on a sunset party on April 7… ping us on Twitter if you’d like an invite and we’ll get rid of as many as we can!

Visuals + Music = Magic

One of the *many* things we love about synchronizing music to picture is that is creates the opportunity for a more complex, rich experience. Right now, we’re looking for motion graphic or video visual artists to demo the Dequency beta platform: specifically, come mint a sync license NFT from our genesis catalog. For the first handful of visual artists who respond, we’ll even cover the license cost and waive any applicable platform fees; we’re looking for feedback & grateful for your support/participation!

Come check out the platform :) Prices are in USD… do you think we should quote prices in Algo?

As Seen on Borderless’ Blog…

Did you see this article about art + web3, specifically within the Algorand ecosystem? Check it out and learn about the other emerging platforms in the space, like ANote Music, STOI, Aorist, and more.

We can’t do this on our own!

…and we’re looking for some technical talent to help us implement the Proof of Taste protocol (and everything in between). If you’re a dev with a deep love for music and an inclination towards web3… call me?

Alright, it’s Friday evening and I’m staring down the barrel of a cold flute of champagne… thanks for reading our updates and see you next week!

-Team Dequency



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