Ten Questions with Artist YahZarah

2 min readOct 13, 2022


We’re obsessed with the artists on Dequency & we wanted to get to know them better, so we’re asking them 10 random questions, from their astro signs to the dumbest NFT they own. Sit down and educate yourself with some random facts about DC-Born, Ghanian musician/producer/web3 superstar YahZarah.

photo credit: @yahzarah on instagram
  1. Your favorite reaction meme?

2. The artist you’ve had on repeat lately?
Durand Bernarr- Wonderlust
Leveled is on constant repeat.

3. Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
We are our choices

4. A book you’d recommend to everyone?
You can heal your life by Louise Haye

5. Something you wish you’d known about web3 earlier?
Something I didn’t bargain for were the incredible artist I would meet and collaborate with. The community I have found here has been beautiful.

6. The dumbest/weirdest NFT you own?
None of my NFTS are dumb they are all music NFTS and I hold high affection for them even my snoop nft…lol

7. Biggest mistake you’ve made in business and/or in web3?(she left this blank so we’re assuming she’s never made a mistake, which we believe)

8. Sun/Moon/Rising?(All de water )
Sun- Cancer
Moon- Aquarius
Rising- Scorpio

9. Where are you located & what’s the best meal in your city?
I live near flatbush and the whole strip has some of the best food in BK. But my favorite place right now is “Finger Linking” they have the best Egusi and Pounded Yam

10. Projects of yours we should know about?
I am currently preparing to do my first tokenized performance and screening of a small short on my experience doing afropunk And a big collection on Soundxyz with an incredible artist friend fighting stage 4 cancer.
As well as preparing for my first big band performance with the Black Rock Orchestra November 3rd.

Make sure you’re following YahZarah on Twitter, Instagram, check out her tracks on Dequency (and grab a license to collaborate with her!), stream her music on spotify, and learn more about her on her website.




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